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BC Government Celebrates UPCC Milestone

It's been one year since the BC Government launched its Universal Prayer and Compassion Centres (UPCCs), ensuring that thoughts and prayers for better health can be equitably accessed by every British Columbia resident.

UPCCs have transformed the healthcare landscape in BC and are being expanded to provide even further benefits. Over the coming months, twenty more UPCCs will be opened to provide greater individual health freedom.

These new coal-powered locations will provide additional self-serve treatment options, the latest Internet search technology, state-of-the-art hand sanitizing stations, and full on-site Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) services.

The government will embark on an unprecedented media blitz coordinated with the rollout of each new UPCC. This will leverage the well-understood principle that if people believe they are getting excellent care, their optimism will improve their health. Legislation was recently introduced making it illegal for regulated health professionals to say anything to undermine confidence in the government.

We've learned to focus our efforts on the public's perception of healthcare rather than follow the misguided elitist direction of self-serving so-called "health professionals" designed to enrich themselves (BC's doctors tricked us into a deal making them the best-paid in Canada). I won't stop fighting for what I personally think is most important.

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health

For patients requiring additional assistance, each UPCC will be fully staffed by licensed practical nurses. Their scope of practice has been expanded to allow independent prescribing, ordering diagnostic tests, and performing cardiothoracic surgery. To protect the public, each LPN must complete an intensive one-week training program.

My wife was a nurse and is now a doctor, so I fully understand everything there is to know about healthcare. You can trust that our family receives exactly the same care as every other resident in BC.

David Eby, Premier

These new and expanded UPCCs continue to deliver on the BC NDP's promise to provide a made-in-BC solution to all residents. They're built on the same strong foundation of leadership and innovation that guided the province so effectively through the primary care crisis, the specialist crisis, the ER crisis, the opioid crisis, and COVID-19, despite the failures of the previous Liberal government.

This is all so exciting and wonderful. It's really quite amazing and very, very inspiring.

Saint Bonnie Henry, Vice-President Consumer Protection, GOOP, Best-Selling Author of "Meaningless Platitudes"