Government failures in primary care are driving BC's entire healthcare crisis.

They must abandon disastrous “solutions” like UPCCs.

Stop preventing family doctors from doing their job!

There is a longer version here of the Jun 2/2023 Times Colonist piece, that provides far more detail and additional information.
Government Invests in Thoughts and Prayers for BC Residents Without a Family Doctor.

Not really. But they may as well have.

Lavish clinics full of administrators but no healthcare workers. Millions of dollars wasted and little care in return. Thoughts and prayers would have at least been cheaper.

Facts on UPCCs

Last Doctor Standing. Dr. Lorne Verhulst poignantly describes how the NDP's overpriced primary care strategy is decimating independent clinics, leaving behind a massive deficit of care.

Primary Care Crisis Myths. Frequently repeated and compelling on the surface. But all are misleading and distract us from real solutions.

Build Your Own UPCC. How much are they really costing? What could we be getting instead?

Funding is Control. The real motivation and its consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Essential Reading

Last Word on Family Doctor Payment Model. A 55% raise? Salary ≥ $385k? Not so much. It will prevent hundreds more docs leaving, but its impact beyond that is limited. It rehabilitates the government's image for the next election, and provides them with a fall guy for when things don't improve. Worse, it derails the momentum for any real change.

Primary Care Reboot.    Ready access to effective longitudinal primary care for everyone in BC is critical.

All current primary care models promote episodic care that clogs our ERs and specialists, extends waits, and keeps people sick.

Shifting from episodic to longitudinal care is the highest value intervention we can make, and it must happen now.

Top-down solutions, delivered one at a time via health authorities, are slow, inefficient, and wildly expensive. They lack transparency.

Bottom-up solutions can be achieved quickly and efficiently with the resources we already have.

We know exactly how to do this. The government's misguided need to control and micromanage primary care is the only obstacle.

BC's Family Doctor 'Shortage'. Why BC's 6800 family doctors (third highest per capita in Canada) cannot deliver the care you need.

First Aid or Medicine? Episodic vs. longitudinal primary care. It's the difference between patch, prescribe, and refer and actually treating patients. Why are we paying for the former when we need the latter?