Concerned about healthcare in BC?

Primary care is driving this crisis.

Government must abandon disastrous “solutions” like UPCCs.

Trust family doctors... and get out of their way!

There are many superficial, misleading, skewed, and half-true statements about our healthcare crisis, from many people. Solutions are contradictory. Much is hidden. This site is my personal attempt to understand the complex issues at a systems level.

I'm not a doctor, but you'll see I don't hide the interests I do have. Honestly, the main reason I'm doing this is that I love living here. I'm not sure it would be worth the safety risk to stay if healthcare degrades much further. I think I have something useful to contribute, but you can decide that. I welcome your comments.

Government Invests in Thoughts and Prayers for BC Residents Without a Family Doctor.

Not really. But they may as well have.

Lavish clinics full of administrators but no healthcare workers. Millions of dollars wasted and little care in return. Thoughts and prayers would have at least been cheaper.

Facts on UPCCs

Last Doctor Standing. Dr. Lorne Verhulst poignantly describes how the BC government's overpriced primary care strategy is decimating independent clinics, leaving behind a massive deficit of care.

Build Your Own UPCC. How much are they really costing? What could we be getting instead?

Project Saviour: Primary Care SPIN. A semi-serious look at how government could dig themselves out of the hole they've made.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Essential Reading

Primary Care Crisis Myths. Frequently repeated and compelling on the surface. But all are misleading and distract us from real solutions.

First Aid or Medicine? Episodic vs. longitudinal primary care. It's the difference between patch, prescribe, and refer and actually treating patients. Why are we paying for the former when we need the latter? Why clog our ERs and specialists, extend waits, and keep people sick?

Time-Based Fees. This is not a fight about more money but paying docs to to deliver the right longitudinal care. See how time-based fees accomplish that without massive investment. They'll bring many of BC's family doctors (50% who now do something else) back to family practice.

The Dark Side of 'Doctors just want to be doctors.' Putting all doctors on salary is not the answer to this crisis. There are downsides, especially loss of professional independence and ability to decide what's best for patients. How docs are paid matters, but one size does not fit all.

Funding is Control. Forcing clinics to beg for basic funding is about control, not healthcare. Government now funds, directs, operates, and micromanages — without oversight or accountability. It's been a disaster. Independent practice won't exist much longer if this doesn't change.

Primary Care Reboot. Top-down solutions, delivered one at a time, are slow and expensive. Bottom-up solutions are fast and efficient. Set priorities, align incentives, get the hell out of the way. This is what we need. But can government give up some control to make it happen?