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More Money? Open the Books.

BC's NDP government has stubbornly placed a huge bet — against the protests of all experts — on a primary healthcare model that prioritized shiny buildings and administrators over patients and doctors. In the face of failure, they've doubled down.

Per capita, BC has the third highest number of family doctors in Canada. But the most citizens without a family doctor. More family doctors in BC — over half! — are working outside of family practice than anywhere else. Mostly, forced into delivering substandard care that exacerbates the existing structural problems across the entire system.

By abandoning proven models and refusing to endorse common-sense alternatives, government has tried to quash physicians and prevent them from advocating for patients.

Doctors have refused to participate in BC's misguided and dangerous primary care experiment. But they cannot afford to continue in family practice.

Too many are being forced into positions with private virtual care companies like Telus. They're providing far less care than they want (at the same cost to the public) which is also devastating the public healthcare system. Doctors overwhelmingly see this as the lesser of two enormous evils.

Lies and Silence

The government has continued to insist that it's doing the right thing in healthcare, and pushed outrageous lies to make people think they're not at fault.

Stand in line for hours to still not get seen, waiting weeks or months to talk to a doctor, only to be denied the help they need and told to see a (non-existent) "real" doctor. That's not healthcare. Except in BC, apparently.

At the same time, for obvious reasons, they've refused to release data that shows how little care is provided at several times the cost of alternatives. If they'd used that money wisely, imagine what they could have delivered.

Hiding this data is hurting the taxpayers whose money they are spending, and the healthcare providers who are being gagged and silenced. It's only to protect the government. Things have gotten so bad that the stark failures are obvious.

But seeing exactly how much we're paying for so little would be worse.

Now They Want More Money?

When the Premiers meet with the Prime Minister in Victoria on July 11-12, more healthcare transfers from the federal government to the provinces is top of the agenda.

Without real oversight, what do you think BC would do with any new money?

It would throw away even more to pursue it's idealogical healthcare fantasy and further accelerate the destruction of our entire healthcare system.

If the money already in the system — let alone more money — were spent on proven, effective models of delivering healthcare instead, we could bring back the doctors we've driven away from family practice.

They could provide the actual care that British Columbians need to keep them — and our healthcare system — healthy.

Please, don't let the government throw away any more money on bad healthcare.

Want more money?

Open the books.

End the gag orders.

Answer questions.

Listen to experts.

Prove you can be trusted.